Trailer Rental

How we work

1. Initial Inquiry

Request Information

    • Call or text us to discuss your trailer rental needs.
    • Provide details about the type of items you need to haul and the duration of the rental.
    • Get information on  trailer and pricing.

2. Reservation

Booking Your Trailer

    • Schedule your rental period, including start and end dates.
    • Review and agree to rental terms and conditions.

3. Rental Agreement

Understanding the Terms

    • Sign the rental agreement outlining rules and responsibilities.
    • Key rule: The trailer must remain stationary and is not to be moved.
    • Provide necessary identification and payment information.

4. Trailer Delivery

Drop-Off Service

    • We deliver the trailer to your specified location at the agreed-upon time.
    • Ensure the trailer is positioned correctly and securely.

5. Usage Guidelines

Proper Use of the Trailer

    • Load the trailer according to the provided guidelines to ensure safety and efficiency.
    • Adhere to the weight limits and usage instructions detailed in the rental agreement.
    • Contact us immediately if you encounter any issues or have questions during the rental period.

6. Rental Period

Enjoy Your Rental

    • Use the trailer for the duration of the rental period without relocating it.
    • If you need an extension, contact us as soon as possible to discuss availability.

7. Pickup and Return

End of Rental Service

    • We return to your location to pick up the trailer at the end of the rental period.
    • Inspect the trailer to ensure it is in the same condition as when delivered.
    • Finalize any remaining paperwork and address any concerns or feedback.

We have a 10 ft x 6 ft x 4 ft Trailer capable of up to 4,500lbs